Tree bumblebee adoption by TRG Pest Control and bee video

TRG Pest Control I have had numerous emails and phone calls in the North West Area and feel this information’s well worth passing on. I hope more Pest Control Companies think the same way and show…

Pentagon: We could soon be fighting climate wars

Read the new report that signals an “evolution” in Pentagon’s approach to climate change. In one of its strongest statements yet on the need to prepare for climate change, the Defense Department today released a report that says global warming “poses immediate risks to US national security” and will exacerbate national security-related threats ranging “from […]

Global warming may result in ‘Climate Wars’ | Dhaka Tribune

Climate Wars: The Fight For Survival As The World Heats Up by Gwynne Dyer investigates the worst case scenarios of global warming, via studies done by and interviews of risk-assessment professionals at the Pentagon and defense-related think tanks. Unfortunately, it does not make for reassuring reading. As the world heats up, the tropical and sub-tropical […]

Why China Is Suddenly So Interested In The Arctic

TROMSO — Officials in China, now the second-largest economy in the world and a major global emitter of greenhouse gasses, now acknowledge that the country is important in the fight against global warming. It and many other Asian nations such as Singapore are also voicing

EPA chief, top Vatican officials talk about ecology

The pope’s upcoming encyclical on ecology has drawn more speculation than any papal document in memory. VATICAN CITY — The head of the Environmental Protection Agency met Friday with Vatican officials who helped draft Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on ecology, evidence that the Obama administration is seeking to hitch its climate-change message onto that of […]