Iberdrola: new energy solutions needed for greater sustainability | World Finance

It was the first fully private European utility, and is one of the main electricity companies and the largest renewable energy generator in the UK. The company produces and provides clean and reliable energy to over 100 million people in the world …

Soil Association press comment: APPG report on sustainable competitiveness of UK Dairy Sector

Speaking about the All Party Parliamentary Group report on sustainable competitiveness of the UK dairy sector, Liz Bowles, head of farming, at the Soil Association said; “The Soil Association welcomes this report especially given the current market volatility. However it missed some opportunities to secure a truly sustainable future as no recommendations to underpin further improvements […]

Pentagon: We could soon be fighting climate wars

Read the new report that signals an “evolution” in Pentagon’s approach to climate change. In one of its strongest statements yet on the need to prepare for climate change, the Defense Department today released a report that says global warming “poses immediate risks to US national security” and will exacerbate national security-related threats ranging “from […]

Global warming may result in ‘Climate Wars’ | Dhaka Tribune

Climate Wars: The Fight For Survival As The World Heats Up by Gwynne Dyer investigates the worst case scenarios of global warming, via studies done by and interviews of risk-assessment professionals at the Pentagon and defense-related think tanks. Unfortunately, it does not make for reassuring reading. As the world heats up, the tropical and sub-tropical […]

Climate change hampering world food production – scientists

Rappler Reports Scientists warn that climate change acceleration will have a lasting impact on agricultural production and require ‘profound societal changes’ in the coming decades to feed the world’s population. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, scientists there argued that food production will have to double over the next […]

A Clear and Present Danger to Planet Earth: Climate Change

“Time is of the essence as the planet is projected to warm anywhere between 4 and 10 degrees within the next century.” We are facing a new security threat, and, if left unaddressed, it has the potential to kill thousands of people in a single summer. We are talking, of course, about climate change. A […]