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Pioneering freight solutions

Get into any discussion about the environment and green measures and sooner or later up pops the subject of transport.  Whether it’s the ever increasing numbers of cars on the roads or the seemingly ever-growing size and quantity of lorries; road transport in general tends to have a bad press when it comes to eco issues.

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Death in the Bat Caves

Conservationists across the United States are racing to discover a solution to White-Nose Syndrome, a disease that is threatening to wipe out bat species across North America. A review published in Conservation Biology reveals that although WNS has already killed one million bats,there are critical knowledge gaps preventing researchers from combating the disease.

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Water, Water Everywhere

Green-Org-Homepage-Slide5Northern Ireland’s environment minister, Alex Attwood, has urged all of the ministers within the executive to take collective responsibility for climate change measures. Responding to a written question, Mr Attwood said that Northern Ireland is already experiencing an increased incidence of flash flooding as a result of climate change and that there will be an “increased frequency of extreme weather occurrences such as heat waves, dry spells, heavy rain and flooding” as the climate continues to warm.

The comments come at […]

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A new hope for climate change

The US Presidential campaigns covered a wide range of issues but, much to the consternation of environmentalists, there was a marked lack of commitment in respect of climate change.  Now, perhaps thanks to Superstorm Sandy, climate change is very much back on the US agenda.

It is usual for any victory speech to be greeted with applause but one of the loudest cheers occurred when in his election victory speech President Obama said “We want our children to live in an […]