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New Ink-Coated Window Shades Save Energy

A New Jersey firm has found a way to provide electronic energy-saving shading for windows at very little additional cost. Elliott Schlam, the principal of New Visual Media Group, says his firm has come up with a new take on the traditional window shade – a super-thin sheet of polymer film that’s installed inside insulating […]

SEPA – Scottish Green Champion

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency were the 2015 Scottish Green Champions in the Environmental Best Practice Awards.  The SEPA is Scotland’s environmental regulator and flood warning authority. Its main role is to protect and improve Scotland’s environment.

Plan launched to prevent critical climate change by making green energy …

Scientists and economists have joined forces to launch a global research initiative to make green energy cheaper than coal within 10 years, a target they believe is critical to avoid dangerous climate change. They have compared the goal to the Apollo …

Calgarian's message in a bottle reveals serious climate change issues

Asuchak said this is evidence that water levels are rising and moving faster, and he'll be taking his story to a round-table panel discussion in Russia to talk about the effects of climate change. “When I was in the Arctic I saw glacier calving,” he …

Steel firms to get 'green levy' refund

Angela Eagle, the shadow business secretary, accused the government of sacrificing the UK's steel industry on the "altar of laissez-faire economics". Speaking during an opposition day debate on the steel crisis, Ms Eagle accused the Government of …